Increase your returning customer rate|
with smart decisions.

The difference between a fad and a global brand

Engineer your brand around your customers.

Find out which products they come back for.

Find your magic products

Build your assortment around products prone to start a recurring behavior.

20% of your customers bring 60% of your profit.

Measure the real return

Find out which traffic sources create more high value customers.

Increase return, decrease spending.

Re-Orient your Marketing

Use the marketing that will resonnate with high-potential customers.

"This is genius. I had been waiting for this for years. And you can quote me."

CEO - Nutriseed

"Tideflow was a true enabler to becoming the number 1 brand in our category."

CEO - Matcha Botanicals

Major brands rely on a core of Loyal Customers

Make conscious choices in your strategy
to get the resilience of this rising tide.


Some products help customers have a good experience, or encourage repeat purchases by nature. Some do the opposite. Find out which.

Shopping Cart Evolution

Returning customers form the core of your identity. Find out what they are looking for in your store.

Time to Return

When is the ideal time to encourage return with your email and social marketing?

Discount Codes

Discounts are great to incentivize customers to try your products. Which ones create long-lasting customers, and which ones create opportunity purchases?

At Risk Customers

We identify loyal customers at risk of defecting, and daily update email and Facebook Ads audiences for a taylor-made retargeting.

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